March 8s and November 25s 

In the union struggle of KESK (Confederation of Public Employees Trade Unions) women, the events on March 8th and November 25th hold a significant place. The preparation processes of these events have provided opportunities for the development of collaborative practices, working together with independent women’s organizations. Additionally, the events jointly organized with Women’s Platforms have been effective in raising awareness of gender equality, women’s rights, and violence against women in the cities they reside in. Since its establishment in 1995, KESK has accumulated a significant archive of posters, statements, and brochures related to the March 8th and November 25th events.

While actively participating in the general activities of the unions they belong to, KESK women have also organized symposiums, forums, conferences, and various other events.


Poster Brochure Announcement Photograph


Poster Brochure Announcement Photograph


Poster Brochure Announcement Photograph